I’m Not Ready To Start

Previously, you’ve worked hard at overcoming limiting beliefs that have the power to stop you. However, what if a belief is keeping you from getting started in the first place? Discover how to get moving in this lesson.You have something big and exciting that you want to do…but you don’t feel like you’re ready to […]

I’m Not Smart Enough

In the last lesson, you learned how to let others help you reach your goals faster and easier. But even with the help of others, you could be severely limiting yourself if you think that you’re not smart enough.This limiting belief has the potential to keep you from trying many new things. You feel like […]

I Can Do Everything Myself

In the last lesson, you learned how treating yourself with kindness helps you reach your goals. Today, you’ll discover how letting others help you can benefit you in many ways.In our culture, it’s extremely easy to feel like you need to do everything yourself. To feel like you can’t ask for help. To feel like […]

I Don’t Give Myself The Love, Compassion and Understanding

In the last lesson, you learned that your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters. In this lesson, you’ll see that how you treat yourself matters, too.You are a compassionate, kind, and loving person. When someone makes a mistake, you are gracious toward them, understanding that everyone makes mistakes. You are patient with […]

I Am Worried About What Others Think About Me

In the last lesson, you learned how to instill the positive belief that you’re worthy of success.Do you still doubt? Do you wonder what others think about you? Today, we’ll look at this limiting belief.This is one of the most common limiting beliefs that people struggle with. You worry, and even obsess over, what others […]

I Don’t Deserve Success

In the last lesson, you learned how taking responsibility for your circumstances actually provides you a way out of them. But what if – even if you do take responsibility – you never seem to achieve your goals? In this lesson, you’ll discover a possible cause and learn how to overcome it.With this limiting belief, […]

I Am Not Responsible For My Current Situation

Congratulations! You’ve made it half-way through the course! You’ve tackled some major limiting beliefs and may already be seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Today, we’ll analyze how harmful it is when you think that you’re just a victim of circumstances. This belief severely limits you. Let’s see how… It’s easy to play […]

I Compare Myself To Others

I Compare Myself To Others Previously, you looked at how criticizing yourself for your lack of great progress could make you feel like giving up altogether. Today, you’ll discover how comparing yourself to others can make you feel the same way. Of course, we’ll give you the tools to crush this limiting belief. Let’s see […]

Lack Of Major Progress Means Failure

Lack Of Major Progress Means Failure In the last lesson, you learned that all the resources you need to reach your goals are available to you. Today, you’ll discover that you don’t need big wins to reach your goals – small successes get you there as well. Oh, how easy it is to criticize yourself […]

My Resources Are Limited

My Resources Are Limited In the last lesson, you conquered the limiting belief that your past controls your future. This lesson steps even farther out of your past and looks at your current circumstances. Do you feel like your resources are limited? If so, this mentality assumes that there are only a limited number of […]