Hi, I'm Sonia Jennings

I was on my way from vacation in Canada with my hubby.  The day we were leaving heading home I heard a voice say that I need to go deep and understand the scriptures.

I quickly looked over at my husband to see if he said something to me.  I thought to myself, I know the scriptures, after all I grew up in church and been part of it all my life.  

The message would not leave me alone and eventually I started reading and searching for more. A year later, I got the strong intuition to leave the church and start studying the Torah, my ancestors, the universe and creation.

Fast forward, I left the church and started a journey that I did not know would take me where I am today.

I started studying and practicing meditation, listening to hours of daily affirmations, studying the universal laws (the first one was the Law of Attraction) and scriptures from a Hebrew perspective.  I bought books, listened to podcast, and started practicing attracting what I wanted.

Then one day the spirit started showing me and giving me messages.  I sought guidance only to find out for 3 1/2 years I was on a major spiritual shift and I was in a spiritual awakening.  The spirit showed me all the misinformation that was taught to me from a young age to adulthood mostly through ignorance.  Meaning the ones who taught me only taught what they were taught!  

Talk about a huge mindset and spiritual shift!!! I learned ‘What You Want Wants You” and this is one of my favorite sayings today.

I was finally ready to receive gifts the universe had for me.  I went on a self-discovery journey, learned to forgive myself, self-love, guided by my intuition I gained through practicing meditation, saying affirmations, removing negative talk, people, and situations out of my life.

A deep spiritual shift took place and I tapped into the infinite possibilities of my own soul wisdom and began manifesting miracles that I could never have even dreamed of!

I manifested $6000 that I needed to hire a coach and then another $150,000 – I never thought I would be able to say what I want, put the words and thoughts into the universe and see it happen.

Most importantly than the money, I found my true-life purpose and soul mission and I am happy, full of love and pure joy to start serving.

Now, I use the wisdom, my intuition and business strategies to guide women toward their purpose and soul mission to experience living life by design to be their unapologetic authentic self.

Are you ready to live out your purpose and soul mission, discover who you were meant to be right here right now, earn money, and create a beautiful life you love?

You can truly have it all!

In Love & Light, 
Your Life Coach & Intuitive Business Mentor

Sonia Jennings